Marzena and I just got on the plane to Vancouver. Then it is off to London and then Amsterdam!

It been a crazy week trying to get everything done in time. We finally got everything moved off the first floor Thursday and Friday the crew ripped up all the old floors in a day!

Last night, we went to visit my grandpa Bruns in the hospital. We wanted to see him before we left, so we drive up at like 9 pm and got to see him. So much of the family was still there to visit I was amazed. It was good to see everyone and to see grandpa is his usual joking high spirts. He did look a little pale, overall pretty good. I thinks he is getting out today which is great!

After visiting, we spent most of the night finishing up packing and then the morning putting all the stuff on the counters away and tweaking the timer for the soakers hoses that will hopefully keep our garden alive. We are looking forward to having the hardwoods and tile work done when we get back. We are also replacing most of the doors are the first floor. For those of our friends that have not seen the place since we remodeled the kitchen, I think it will really look like a new house.

Anyway, I’ll stop my rambling on now, but we just wanted to say thank you to Marzena’s dad, Gerard, for coming this morning from Tacoma and giving us a ride to the airport and seeing us off.