We are now in London with an hour to go before our last flight to Amsterdam.

We just ate at a great place called Giraffe. It turns out the waiter is Polish, which we didn’t find out until Marzena was paying the bill and he asked after seeing here name. They chated for a bit in Polish and found out that he and wife are here for a while to save money. He said in Poland you make enough to get by, but not enough to save.

We are both really tired and can’t wait to get to the bed and breakfast. I’m pretty sure we will both be sleeping like the dead. I got about 30 minutes sleep. Also, I don’t think we will be taking British Airways again.

-Begin Rant
The folks and the food are very nice at ba, but the size is way too small. American Airlines had much more room. I truely felt like a sardine in a can. The other thing that really sucked was the entertainment system. One of the best parts of taking long international flight is that you get to see a couple of movies. I was trying to watch what was listed in the magazine as “Thank you for smoking” and turned out to be some funny movie about the faked alien autopsy. It wasn’t bad, but I was annoyed that I watched a movie I didn’t really want to. The reason I kept watching is because one of the characters in the movie was the same one that is in “Thank you for smoking”. By the time I realized that it really wasn’t the right movie, I figured it was too late to start another movie. Beyond that there was a really loud background clicking in the audio system and every once in a while the a really loud static that would be louder than all the movie audio. So, after I put with enough of that to get through the wrong movie, I listened to my audiobook on my iPod. I sounded so good after listening to total crap audio. I was not the ony one having the issue, I know that Marzena was. She tolorated it a bit better than I, plus she got lucky and got a movie that was not listed in the magazine that she wanted to see. “Kinky Boots”
-End Rant