Moday, August 7th

The funny thing about weather: on Sunday the forcast was for rain showers, on Monday morning the forecast changed to sunny. By Monday evening it was raining. Good thing Jason and I had rain jackets with us, so while all the other tourists and natives hudled under the souvaniers stands, we, the Puget Sound Northwesterners, braved the wet dripping streets with backpacks and rain gear on and a grin on our faces.

In America a pedestrian has to be on the look out for cars, in Amsterdam a pedestrian has to be aware of bicycles as well. Statisticly there are two bicycles for every person living here. A pedestrian meets more “head on” bicycle traffic here then the automobile traffic, something I became more aware of after almost walking into a fella on a bike as I walked one direction and looked in the other direction. Lucky for me, Jason pulled on my backpack just in time. And so I was saved.

Food – where oh were is the Dutch food?
What is interesting about Amsterdam is that there are so many cultures here, languages, people of all colors, shapes and sizes; hence we have not seen a traditional Dutch restaurant. We have however seen a bunch of Irish pubs, Indian, Italian, Argentinian, Chinese, etc.

Today was a long day. We went to the Van Gogh museum and to the Rijksmuseum, more on that tomorrow.