A notice to family about the recent travel concerns. We have not been affected by the new security procedures yet. We have only been taking trains. We are hoping the procedures and delays will be fixed by the time we take our flight back. We are also a bit behind on posts, but hope to catch up soon.

Friday Aug 11th

We traveled to Poznan. From Poznan, a very large city, we took a bus to the town of Tarnowo Podgurskie, where my Uncle Mietek lives with his family. From here, after dropping our bags off at our hotel, we took another local bus to reach the village of Gaj Wielki, where my Grandpa, Uncle Piotrek and family live on a farm. After getting of the bus I realized that I did not recognize where I was and the thought of “maybe I should have taken up Uncle Piotrek on his offer to pick us up, instead of re-creating for Jason the trip Mom and I would take in the summer to reach the farm, which was a one mile walk from the bus stop to the farm but seemed a lot more when I was 7, with luggage, and whinning”. It is good thing that I remembered certain landmarks (ex. Red brick school, chappel, and the cemetary at the end of the village) because the locals were able to direct us in the right direction. So finaly we were on our way as it slowly got dark and I realized that I was not sure how far the farm was, every which way were fields, some roads, trees, and once in a while a farm house with a barn. We were closer than I thought and soon we were having hot tea and cake with Grandpa and the rest of the family. We also visited with Uncle Mietek in Tarnowo Podgurne that night and got to see my cousin Malgosia with husband and new 10 week old baby. The last time I saw her was at her wedding 4 years ago. Her son, Ziemus (how we all call him) was very content in Jason’s arms. We saw them again in the morning at about 6am when they were leaving for home which is a 6 hour drive away, with a small baby, that is not an easy ride at times. It was a good day and I had an introduction to being a translator, something that although very enjoyable, was a bit draining in the next two days.