So many things to do in Gdansk and only one day to do them. The festivel was going on and so we decided to go to the big Tutonic Kinights castle, Malbork, in the morning, then go to the musuem in town and then just enjoy the festival. Well, got to most of that. Things don’t always go according to plan when travelling. That would be boring. 🙂

We got up pretty early, I actually woke before the alarm though. We were both happy to get 8 hours sleep straight for the first time since we left. A good sign that we are mostly over our jetlag. We took the train to Malbork, and coming into town we could see the imensely large castle. We walked a bit to see the castle, which did not take long. The castle was really one heck of a fortres. It is said to be one of the most formitable for it’s time. There is literally four walls and moats to be crossed to get to the inner castle. All along the way are places were you would receive a barage of arrows from slits in the castle walls and places to have hot liquids poured on you when attacking the castle. All in the name of Mary and Jesus. The knights were first invited here by the Polish government to convert the pagans, which they did by force when necessary and when not necessary. Just goes to show you there are extremes in all religions. The knights started to expand into more of Poland and Lithuania and gain more power. The Lithuanian Price Jagielko married the Polish Queen Jadwiga and coverted to Catholicisim. They then were able to join forces in a massive battle to remove the Tutonic knights from power.

We then decided to head back and we found out we had to wait around for 45 minutes because it was not the school year, so there was not as many trains. When we waited long enough, we got to the plaform, but the sides we not labeled well and the people waiting said the train was from Poznan, not to it. So Marzena ran to check the board since it was arriving in 2 minutes. The train arrived and Marzena hadn’t come back yet and so I picked up all our bags while waiting for her. The train was gettinh ready to leave and I asked the train conductor if the train was to Poznan and he said no, that it was on one whole platform over. I carried the bags down to the tunnel and finally saw Marzena who said it was one platform over. I said, I know. 😉 She had to wait in the information line again to find that out and that is what took her so long. We had to run to catch the right trian. It was quite stressful. I was glad to be on the train. When we got back to Poznan it was too late to go to the museum, which was fine. The rest of the evening we ate dinner and walked around the festival. It was quite nice. We also were able to find some soft-served ice cream that is very close the stuff that Marzena had as a child and could find in Poland since then. It was awesome and we were both very content and happy.