Wednesday, August 16th

We had a late start to the day, after slugishly pulling ourselves out of bed we went to see the Palace at Willanow in the south outskirts of Warszawa. We are feeling more tired even though we are cutting down on some of the museums and sites. The palace has an amazing collection of paintings with the rooms kept the same way the Royal Family Sobieski kept it when they lived there in the late 1600’s. What was most touching was that at the time when royal and noble families married to gain land, allies, and power; King Jan the 3rd Sobieski was trully in love with his wife and would write romantic letters to her when he was away, or so our English speaking guide told us. The letters are considered classic romance and studied by Poles to this day. She was a small delicate woman who’s spoke slowly with a thick Polish accent. We are guessing that she was in her late 70’s, and we were very happy to have her explain the history of the Sobieski family and move us along the large palace for over and hour and a half. By ourselves we would have been there 3 hours and very grouchy at the end, I can honestly say that we were sleepy and hungry after just an hour. We went back to Old Town to roam and watch the Warszawians in their native habitat and when we tried to get back to our hostel our adventures started. Apparently, when we got back the previous night to our hotel we were not paying attention to which bus took us there because the one that theoritically should have, went every where but to our hotel. And so, by accident we saw most of Warszawa’s monuments to victoms, soldiers, and the Resistance fighter of World War 2, as well as the Jewish Ghetto. Eventualy we got fed up and walked back to the hotel. That was a long, long day and a very long walk.