Today was supposed to be the Audi museum day, but the fatigue of time change and Nicholas’ adjustment to time change, driving, and lack of clean clothes caught up with us. Instead today was, well, it started of as an easy going day that had us running latter on and laughing later.
Laundry – we finally found a laundry mat with the help of the ladies running our hotel. 30 washing machines at EUR 4 a load, and 2 driers at EUR 0.6 a load. Why? one might ask: because the driers don’t dry, they shake the container for 5 minutes shaking the water out of the clothes, resulting in damp but not dripping clothes that you take home and hang all over your apartment, or on travel laundry ropes in our case (see Laundry blog w/ picture).
We decided to visit one of the local beer houses and have some Bavarian food. It was good, meat and potato dumplings, the beer was ok. When it was time to leave however; the thunder storm we have been avoiding for the last 2 days finally caught up with us. It just kept on pouring as we stood by the entrance to the beer house facing the decision: to get wet or not to get wet. Every time we went out, so far, we had our rain gear with us, except this time. We realized that we forgot the rain shield for the stroller at home in Seattle. Standing there looking at the rain we finally decided to go for it and run since we did not know how long the rain would fall. We had a water proof Rick Steeves bag with us that we put Nicholas’ lower half in and hang the handles of it on the side hooks of the stroller. Nick looked as if he was a loaf of bread sticking out of a grocery sack. Once nicely packaged we made a run for it, and the rain only got worse. By the time we reached our hotel 10 minutes later Nicholas was the least soaked of all of us, although he did not mind any of it, happily chewing on his teether the whole time. After a bath to warm up we all took a nap. The food, beer, and the unexpected exercise made us tired.
In the late afternoon we needed some caffeine but going to the local Starbucks was not an option. Yes, just like McDonalds, Starbucks is everywhere now. So we walked to the city center and were pleasantly surprised at all the old buildings, pained facades, and a huge Gothic “Glock….” something or other, it looked like a church but wasn’t. (more on the Glock thing tomorrow). When planning this trip we knew we would be limited by having Nicholas with us so all we planned for was the car museums and the the German equivalent of the Smithsonian; hence, we did not read about the all the other cool stuff in Munich. We will probably cram for the rest of our time in Munich at breakfast tomorrow since we will be wondering around that area again. Anyway, we found a nice restaurant with friendly waiters, had a great meal, and wondered around the area until we got lost and were not sure which direction to go. It was a pleasant weather and since we did not feel exhausted we did not worry about it. It was time to use the “where the hell are we” application on the iPhone. It was a good day, even thought it was not what we originally planned. We look foreword to getting lost tomorrow night as well.