Who among you can chat up a woman using jiberish and your smile alone and have her want to take you home in 15 minutes flat? Our son, that’s who. We stopped at a gas station/ trucker stop/ small restaurant. A group of old ladies was stoping ther on their way to a pilgrimage to Rome. Jason got situated with Nicholas and I went to the register to order food. When I came back Nick had two ladies playing with him making cute faces at him and calling him a little angel. Ten minutes later as they were leaving one came by again, kissed him and sai she would take him home if she could. The whole thing was very cute and made us giggle when we were there. This happens a lot. On the plane when we were holding him Nick eaould stand on Jason’s legs and smile at the lady behind him. Just about everywhere he can get the undivided attention of someone he will smile at them and try to get an exchange of chit chat and giggles going. The one place this does not work is at playgrounds cause parents are there with their own kids and don’t give him that attention, but then at playgrounds he ignores the adults and scoots towards the other children.