We have done so much walking in the last two days. Oh do my feet hurt, but my knee does not. It’s a little sore but it’s nothing compared to my feet. I’m very glad that I got the knee surgery before this trip. There is no way that I would have been able to do any of the walks on this trip if I did not get my knee fixed first.
So, day one in Munich was laundry and getting lost in old town. Day two was the Deutche Miseum. It is a science museum, very popular with kids. There were many sections: mining, electricity, avionics, paper making, ship models, pieces of ships marine and space, windmills, trains, turbines, engines, computers, maps, bridges, ect. Soooo much stuff. Jason was geeking out to his heart’s content, especialy by the computer science section. We spend over two hours there and could have easily spend more, but Nicholas needed some crawling time.
In the evening we walked to the Augustiner Beer Garden under the trees. It was one of those places that we pictured when thinking of traditional Germany: waitresses in traditional long skirts, vests and aprons bringing one-liter glass mug onto a wooden table as people sing, eat sausages and chat. The beer was light, only one kind but it was soo good and refreshing that we did not need another. We split the first liter and the second liter I accidentaly got mixed with lemonade (popular with bicyclist since it has less alcohol and cyclists get the breathelizer test in Germany too). We got some ribs and a giant pretzel, all good, pretzel was soft and lightly crunchy. It was awesome food. This particular beer garden had an area for children to play, with tables around it for parents. Nicholas was fascinated by the laughing and running tots from one to 8 years old. We let him do a little investigation on his own with us closely by. What is nice about a place like this is that we had an opportunity to talk to other parents. The couple with whom we shared a table with had two children, the wife was Spanish and the husband French. We had a great time talking to them for over two hours on life in germany, parenthood, politics in America, you name it. Nicholas fell asleep in his stroller and sleept in it for an hour as we had an adult conversation. He did not even wake up as we brought him back to our room.
Day three in Munich we managed to squeeze in both the Audi museum and the BMW museum. We drove and hour outside of Munich to get to the Audi museum. It had an impressive set up inside. Once Jason uploads the pictures you will know what I am talking about. Since it was Sunday we could not get the factory tour since no one was working. At the museum Nicholas finaly had a fit. He cried and twisted his body aroud when in stroler, when held, when standing. For a few minutes there was no consoling him. He finaly calmed down but I had to carry him around everywhere. He bahaved a little better at the BMW museum, but overal it was not his beast day. The BMW museum was fascinating on the outside but on the inside not all parts were accesible to folks on wheels, so with Jason’s help I was able to see it all but a person in a wheel chair would not. We ended the day with a walk around the Olympic park constructed for the 1970’s Olympics. Yes the Olympics when the Jewish athletes were murdered and once I realized that: the park felt eerie for a moment. The moment passed and we enjoyed a walk outside in the greenery after all day in either a car or in buildings with exhibits about cars. Finaly the evening bugs tries to eat us alive and we had to head back to the hotel.
Today, Monday we drove to Vienna. An estimated 4 hours drive. It took 6 with a break for some Austrian grub at a gas station with restaurant catering to truck drivers and large tourist buses. The next two days we hope to see some art museums and to walk around Vienna. We are however quite tired and look forward to doing nothing at my Grandma’s on Thursday