We are now the third day in my Dad’s family’s region of Poland. First day we relaxed in the Piaski village where Grandma Halinka lives with my aunt Bogusia (my godmother), and uncle Krzysiek, their son Artur and daughte Renatka. Renatka just got married yesterday. Today we are recovering.
At a Polish wedding it is possible to drink over 10 shots of vodka in a night and wake up without hand over. How you ask. Well there is a formula to this fun madness. First you eat, then you toast to the happy couple and make them kiss, next you make fin of them for kissing badly by singing songs about it ( all the gusets in unison at the same time) and you make them kiss 5 or more times, then you dance. Next you eat more, drink more vodka an play some wedding games, and dance. You reapeat this process every hour and drink nothing but vodka, coffe, hot tea, and the ocasional juice. You end the party at 6 in the morning, wake up at 11 and start over again more slugishly now. And here we are, slumped over coffe and a fabulous breakfast, I don’t know how Polish women stay thin after weddings like this. On a few hours there will be dinner and the waiters have already replace the empty bottles of vodka with fresh ones for today. In Poland dinner is between 1 and 3, the evening meal is supper.
Nicholas slept through most of the church wedding ceremony, and then he danced with everyone at the wedding. Finaly crashed at 10, our borrowed video monitor lasted for an hour (we acidentaly fried our baby monitor due to voltage being higher then it could handle) so I went to bed at 12 and Jason kept on going till 4. We both had a great time. Jason just stepped back inside from a quick game of after wedding volley ball game and Nicholas is napping in the banquet hall in his stroller as I type this and drink more coffe.