On Monday we left grandma Halinka, aunt Bogusia (my Godmother), uncle Krzysiek, and cousins Artur and Renata, and all the family on my Dad’s side that came to Renatka’s wedding. It was a hard day, but then goodbyes are always hard. How can we know when we will come back again and for how long. I was trying to fit three years of catching up into three days during which there were wedding preparations, a wedding, and then recovery time. I managed to hang out a little bit with everyone, but it did feel like a speeding express train skipping over tracks.
We drove 3 hours from the village of Piaski, near the town of Lututow, to the town of Tarnowo Podgorne near the city of Poznan. At the end of the day we saw my uncle Mietek, aunt Krystyna, their daughters with husbands and children: Gosia – husband Jacek and son Ziemek, and Kasia – husband Krzysiek and son Kacper. It was a house full of children and grandchildren for uncle and aunt and with me, Jason, and Nicholas it was even more louder. In the next two days, Tuesday and Wednesday we saw grandpa Jozef at noon and aunt Krystyna and uncle Mietek with family in the evening. Dziadek Jozef lives on the farm where he moved with his wife and children about 40 years ago. His son Piotrek works the farm with his wife Renata and their children David, Lukasz, and Evelina who is married to Marcin and has a daughter Nichole. The last three were on vacation at the Baltic Sea. We chatted, watched Nicholas play with everyone, and ate good Polish food. On Tuesday Jason, Nicholas and I drove to Rogalin to see the palace there, only to discover that the palace is closed till September for renovations. It was 5 pm and the castle in Kurnik near by would have probably been closed too. Plus it was late, we were tired and the bugs were eating us alive. We are sick of the bugs, not just the mosquitoes but all the other country bugs that take nibbles at us. We also miss our own bed and basement where we can escape the heat, there is no escaping it here. Yesterday we said our goodbyes.
Today is Thursday and we are driving to Ludz, where I lived till the age of ten at which point I came to United States. Till next time.