We got about 3 hours of sleep on Friday night since we were packing and eyeballing how much weight was in each suitcase. At 2:30 we woke up, got the last of our stuff together, and drove to the airport to give the car back to the rental agency and catch our flight. The Ford Focus had about 4,000 kilometers on it when we rented it. When we returned it the car had about 8,000 kilometers on it if not more, plus mud, grass/wheat on the undercarriage from driving through a wheat field and a forest, the windshield had a collection of bugs, and the cab of the car had crumbs from all kinds of snack food. We thoroughly used it. The flight from Warszawa to Amsterdam was one hour and 40 minutes. We learned that when going to USA through Amsterdam or through Zurich the passengers can not take any liquids on board, but any other airport and that is not a problem, so if you have some bottle of water you bought in Warszawa that you were hopping to drink in Amsterdam and on the plane to Seattle you might as well chug it in Amsterdam before getting through security. Yes, you go though security again in Amsterdam even thought you are only transferring to go further and you already went through security in Warszawa and were already thoroughly patted down and discovered that the wires in your bra set off the metal detector. So, we went through security again and entertained Nicholas for an hour in the waiting area as he gave a concert to all of the passengers waiting with us for the plane to Seattle with the lyrics being “Ba, Ba, Ba”.
The plane from Warszawa to Amsterdam was operated and owned by KLM. The flight attendants were very nice, once again giving us a special seat belt for Nicholas, it was awesome the care they extended to us and to our baby. We would fly KLM again but it appears they are limited on their operations on the west coast of the US. The plane from Amsterdam to Seattle was 10 hours and 10 minutes. Nicholas slept 2 or 3 times in between socializing with his neighbor, the 21 month old Eliot. We were in the bulk head this time which was great, the two toddlers could easily walk and crawl around under our careful supervision and we were also comfortable. We did not get the bassinet because as it turns out it can only contain a 9 kilogram baby and Nicholas is 10.5 kilograms and he is too long for it. The bassinet I was told tends to accommodate babies 6 months or under. The trip went overall well. As I write this I am in Seattle, we arrived at 11 something today and I am falling asleep at the computer. It was a tiring day. I’ll write more tomorrow.