Thursday afternoon we arrived in Lodz, the city where I called home till I was 10. I have not been to certain parts of this city since childhood. Jason, Nicholas, and I parked at my old elementary school, painted since the last time I saw it. The old store and office complex next door has aged significantly, but the post office from which I would call my Mom after school was there, and so was Stokrotka – the little restaurant where I would sometimes go for potato dumplings. I could see the 13 story building where I lived on the 10th floor (we don’t count the first floor in Poland since that is 0, so in Polish its 12 stories, and I lived on 9th). The highlight of walking around in this old neighborhood was the forest where my parents would take me for walks, to the giant sandbox near the play area, or a play day in the forest with school. There are many paths in the forest and its not the kind of wild forest where animals live and you can’t see other people’s feet in front of you because its not thick at all. This is the kind of forest that was most likely planted about 50 years or os (my guess only) because the vegetation is thin on the ground, it was a great place to play and not get lost.
The next day we walked down Piotroska street, a little shopping, a large mid day meal in a traditional Polish food restaurant and of course ice cream at the “Hort Cafe”, where I use to go with my parents to celebrate birthdays. The ice cream sundays where incredible. Will upload pictures soon. And that was the last day in Poland. On Friday evening we drove to Warszawa, packed and then woke up at 2:30 am on Saturday for our 6 am flight home.