We learned a lot on this trip regarding traveling with a one year old. Some of this information I wish I knew before we left. Since its 2 am and I can’t sleep because I am not adjusting to Seattle time these next postings will be in sections of “lessons learned” in between naps.

The mythical airplane basinet and the baby ticket:
We called a few months before our flight to reserve a bulk head seat for Jason and I and a basinet that attaches to the bulk head for Nicholas so that he could sleep in it. We were not told much, just that it was all reserved. When we got to the airport nothing was reserved. Lesson one: don’t just call a month in advance, call a second time 24 hours in advance. When we called a month before to buy Nicholas a ticket we gave our credit card information and were told that a ticket was bought for him but when we arrived at the airport there was no record of that and we were holding up the airplane from leaving trying to buy him a ticket. Lesson two: when you call 24 hours before the plane leaves also ask if your credit card was charged for the baby ticket and if they have it on the records that you have purchased a baby ticket not just that you are traveling with a baby, the child needs his/hers own ticket (about a fraction of yours in cost, or half of yours in cost if they will have their own seat on the plane). On the way back from Amsterdam to Seattle we finally got bulk head seats allowing Nicholas to crawl around by us comfortably and us being able to get a bottle ready for him while not standing in a sardine can space. Finally we were going to see the mythical airplane basinet and put him down in it for a nap, until the flight attended said “oh he is big, how much does he weigh?”. Lesson three: the airplane basinet is for babies roughly up to 6 months in age and can handle up to 9.6 lb of weight of a laying down baby. We have not seen one since Nicholas did not qualify for it but were told that its not like a play pan, its not that sturdy hence it can only accommodate a sleeping infant. What surprised me was that once Nicholas fell asleep while sitting on my lap facing out with my hands around him (fingers locked tightly), I also fell asleep for an hour without my hands unlocking, apparently I even snored.