OS X Applications for System and Network Administrators

OS X Applications for System and Network Administrators ยป

A good posting of some of the best stuff on mac for us geeks. I’ll be posting some cool new mac software I’ve found soon.

My first post!

Well, for now this is just place to put the geeky or cool stuff I find and use in the world.
A quick way to get a movie onto your ipod or psp, as if handbrake by itself wasn’t fast enough.

Got a good tip forwarded from Dan today.

I recently got a question about ogg and itunes. Looks like there is a couple of options.

Also, for the quicksilver users, and nice quick way to send a gmail or add to gcal.

Some very cool desktop setups

One last thing,
Some good basic docs for iLife if you know anyone the might need a little help with it.

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