I was looking from something that I wouldn’t notice much while in my pocket.  Whcih means small size and low weight.  I like my sister’s new Olympus Stylus 810, however it was lacking two things I wanted. That being an optical viewfinder and good video.  Since video has come a long way on these kind of cameras, I wanted something would be useful in making family dvds and so I can hold off on buying a read video camera until the HD stuff drops in price.  Anyway, I did a ton of reading online with reviews on all the cameras in this size.  I finally came to the concusion to buy an Canon SD450 It is a great camera, can do 640×480 at 30fps and is only limited to 1G files. So I get about 9 minutes per clip. With the 4G hard I got I can take over a half an hour of footage in an amazing small package. Since the camera is almost a year in old in design it can me had for around $260. I bought ming at newegg.com,which had a combo deal to get a discount on a nice size SD card.I looked at some of the new model, but the add both weight and size for things like more megapixels and higher iso, which really aren’t worth it for me.  The top of the line Canon SD700 IS does had to sweet feature, Image Stabilzation and 4x optical instead of 3x.  The Canon software and processing has come a long way since my Canon S30.  It takes a picture at just over a second from power on.  It also has this great feature, no matter how you have the camera tilted when you take the picture, when you review pictures it knows which way you have the camera tilted and shows that picture right-side up.  Anyway, I highly recommend it and you can check some review here.  Steve’s DigiCams dpreview Image-Resource