Jet Lagged in Amsterdam

Day 2 in Amsterdam was hard due to the jet lag that hit us as the day wore on. We ended up dozing off on a boat-bus, it was a nice nap as the boat went through the canals of Amsterdam lugging around tourist, mostly families. The previous day we visted the Rijksmuseum, where there is a large collection of a bit of everthing fom 17th Century Netharlands. There were hand carved rifles, doll houses – my favorite, dishes, a variety of other stuff as well as paintings. “The Night Watchmen”, Rambrant’s most known painting is about 13 feet high and 20 feet wide. Some of the watchmen were my hight, 5 feet. Next we went to the Van Gogh museum; which holds some of his famous paintings of irisis, sunflowers, wheat field with crows, and the blue room, as well as some of his self portraits. “Starry Night” or the one of the Caffe was not there. The museum focuses on his growth as an artist. There a number paintings from various times in his life: the early works showing the beggining of the style he became known for and later the paintings were greatly inflenced by epilepsy which he suffered from before killing himself. In the basement of the museum there is an impressive collection of Japanese pottery, painted and embroided silk screens and sculpture. I must admit that outside of only a hand full of Van Goh’s paintings, I prefered the Japenese pottery rather then the rest of the museum’s collection. P. S. The Red Light District was slightly disappointing experience since the Penis Fountain was removed from it..


First full day in Amsterdam

Moday, August 7th

The funny thing about weather: on Sunday the forcast was for rain showers, on Monday morning the forecast changed to sunny. By Monday evening it was raining. Good thing Jason and I had rain jackets with us, so while all the other tourists and natives hudled under the souvaniers stands, we, the Puget Sound Northwesterners, braved the wet dripping streets with backpacks and rain gear on and a grin on our faces.

In America a pedestrian has to be on the look out for cars, in Amsterdam a pedestrian has to be aware of bicycles as well. Statisticly there are two bicycles for every person living here. A pedestrian meets more “head on” bicycle traffic here then the automobile traffic, something I became more aware of after almost walking into a fella on a bike as I walked one direction and looked in the other direction. Lucky for me, Jason pulled on my backpack just in time. And so I was saved.

Food – where oh were is the Dutch food?
What is interesting about Amsterdam is that there are so many cultures here, languages, people of all colors, shapes and sizes; hence we have not seen a traditional Dutch restaurant. We have however seen a bunch of Irish pubs, Indian, Italian, Argentinian, Chinese, etc.

Today was a long day. We went to the Van Gogh museum and to the Rijksmuseum, more on that tomorrow.


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We’re here!

We have finally arrived in Amsterdam and gotten a train and then a tram to our b and b. It very nice, just as I remembered it. Robert, the owner is very warm and helpful. We both actually got about an hour of sleep on the last flight. We are feeling better. But now that we have both taken showers we are feeling a whole lot better. We are off to get some food and I think we are going to try to stay up and go to bed at the local bed time here. I’m told it helps with jetlag. We’ll see.

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