Today there is so much news that released everyday it’s hard to just read the headlines, let alone actually read the articles you are interested in. I have really noticed this since having two kids (translation: Very little free time) and being extremely busy at work. I have, over the course of several years, been looking to be as efficient as possible at dealing with this. This is the system I use as of today:

I make a lot of use of RSS. Every website that has news that you’re interested in following has an RSS feed. The beauty of RSS is that makes it very simple to follow any website giving you the latest headlines and a snippet of the article that is posted. Google reader makes it east to use RSS. You can create a free account and add the RSS feeds to Google Reader. Almost all applications integrate with Google reader now. Most of the time I’m not actually using the Google reader interface, but it makes for a simple and easy way to have a central service tracking all of the news that you’re following, as well as the news that you’ve read and not read. (You can imagine why Google does this for free.) The RSS reader I’m using now, which I’m a big fan of, is feedly. Bonus, it’s free! I can quickly get through all the news using my phone or iPad by swiping sideways. When I find something I want to share with a specific person, I can quickly email them the link. If its something worth sharing with the world, I can tweet the link. I have systems in place that auto post anything I tweet to Facebook and Google+. Anything I find interesting that I don’t want to read right now, I mark to read later. I can do this in one touch with feedly, which is one of my favorite things about feedly.


Read It Later (Pocket)
Read It Later, now called Pocket is fantastic! They have recently changed their business model, so it is also free. So, there is no reason not to give it a try. Most RSS readers have integration to mark something to be read later with this service/app. You can also use a bookmark for you mobile browser or plugins for your desktop browsers to quickly mark any page you come across to read later. So, besides a kind of centralized bookmarking system, why do I love it? Two reasons.

    It gives me a view of the article that is optimized or reading and watching video clips. This means I can focus in the text and pictures without seeing all the ads and other distractions.
    All of this is accessible anywhere! There are fantastic apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and any web browser. On mobile devices I can see this content offline too. Meaning, I can read news on a plane without wifi. Especially handy as my iPad is wifi only. I can mark articles read and when I get online again, the read status is synced to the servers and any newly marked articles to read are downloaded.


My daily news flow
Wake up, check my email. After that I go to feedly. Swipe, swipe, mark to read later with a touch, swipe, swipe, forward via email, swipe, swipe, tweet, swipe, etc. I power through my news. Later, when I’m really awake and ready to really read the news I found interesting, I go to Pocket on any device. Read what I feel like. Maybe email it or tweet it and then mark it read. I then read whatever else looks interesting at that time and then go on to some real work. What I love about this flow is that I can catch the headlines of the day, so I’m not out of the loop, without committing a ton of time. I’ve also marked all the things I might want to read later without feeling like I have to or feeling like if I don’t bookmark or read the info now, it will be lost forever. Anyway, that is my flow. I’m very please with it, so I thought I would share.